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The health benefits of cumin include digestion, piles, insomnia, respiratory disorders, asthma,bronchitis, common cold, lactation, anemia, skin disorders, boils, immunity, and cancer.


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Lentils are a low fat, low calorie and cholesterol free Lentils are a good source of lean protein, iron folic acid, soluble fiber, reduce cholesterol and lower the risk of coronary heart disease.


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One of the major nutrients in bulgur wheat is magnesium, which affects the synthesis of insulin in the body. This makes bulgur wheat great for lowering the risk of type 2 diabetes. The fiber in bulgur wheat also helps prevent gallstones in women
and protect against breast cancer.


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Garbanzo beans (chickpeas) provide an excellent source of molybdenum.  They are a very good source of folic acid, fiber, and manganese.  Garbanzo beans are also a good source of protein, as well as minerals such as iron, copper,zinc, and magnesium. garbanzo beans can help lower cholesterol and improve blood sugar levels.


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Sumac herb promotes healthy digestion, eases upset stomachs, and reduces feverish symptoms. Sumac berries and sumac spice are also said to contain antioxidants and possess antimicrobial properties.




Hibiscus tea is beneficial in lowering blood pressure and may help to control cholesterol. Hibiscus tea contains an enzyme inhibitor which blocks the production of amylase. Amylase is an enzyme that breaks down complex sugars and starches. Drinking a cup of hibiscus tea after meals will reduce the absorption of dietary carbohydrates and will assist in weight loss Hibiscus tea is rich in vitamin C and makes a wonderful herbal remedy to fight off colds and infections.



Eating healthy and using fresh ingredients is the epitome of Mediterranean cuisine. Here are some reasons why you should eat Mediterranean.


Parsley: rich in vitamin C, A, and iron content is (twice as much as spinach)  well-known for its effects on vision, plus can mitigate the risks of atherosclerosis and diabetes. Raw parsley cleanses the blood, dissolves sticky deposits in veins,maintains elasticity of blood vessels, facilitates removal of moderately sized kidney and gallstones. Chewing parsley prevents bad breath!

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Medical studies have shown that garlic can lower cholesterol, prevent dangerous blood clots, reduce blood pressure, prevent cancer, and protect against bacterial and fungal infections.

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